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I have window 7 basic home so  can I use informatica over this OS?

3.How to find out Second Highest Salary?

4.eliminating duplicates in a flat file

5.What is the exact difference between the options STOP and ABORT with reference to the workflow?

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7.Capturing Start and End time in workflow monitor.

8.Reading the list of files from indirect source one after the another

9.How to achieve this Scenario?

10.Source file type issue : Indirect & Direct

11. Mapping Deployment from Dev to Prod environment.

12. Incremental load of data from source to target

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14. Difference between STOP and ABORT

15. System Requirement for informatica

16. Auto Start  Informatica scheduler

17. SCD1: No output rooms generated after successfully passing the transformation

18. Conversion of "date" format to "datetime" format in SQL Server.

19. Converting rows into columns

20. Interview question on dynamic look up

21. What is difference between bulk mode and normal mode of data transfer.?

22. how to find last friday or thursday of a month in decision box under workflow manager ?

23. if there is a way to use the Stored Procedure output from SQL Server in the Source Qualifier.

24. Need Urgent Help.. Facing a very odd problem.

25. Scd2 mapping  using static/dynamic cache

26. Problem setting Aggregation type of Mapping Variable

27.Is it possible to set parameters using record values

28. Informatica Source filetype Indirect- Reading only the first file

29. Is there ny any way to call one workflow from another workflow

30. what is pushdown optimization?